Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More on leaders

A very sombre post by Dmitri Orlov on adaption to our inevitable future. The bright thoughts in it for me were pointers to possible businesses post-Crash. Have a look at it and see what you think.

It follows on from another very dark post on the failure of the War on Drugs. What I like about Dmitri is his humanity, coupled with his lack of squeamishness when describing what's coming towards us. It may be very uncomfortable reading at times but it's the kind of objective, detached and disinterested (as far as anyone can be!) commentary we need if we're to navigate the twists and turns ahead of us.

I had some good comments from reader Tim on my last post…
"The optimist in me likes to hope that all this talk of "returning to growth" and "kick-starting the credit markets" is just rhetoric from leaders who understand the reality but also realise the political implications of telling it straight."
I also hope our leaders aren't nearly as blind as I fear they may be and that the various stimulus packages are simply stop-gap messures to help a transition to a different kind of economy. But I have heard absolutely nothing so far to indicate there is any aim other than to return things to Business-As-Usual .

I've asked my local Federal MP, Russell Broadbent, for a meeting in a couple of weeks where I'm hoping to get some sense from him of just how our leaders are seeing things in Canberra, and I too am hoping to hear something a bit more encouraging. I had a brief chat with Russell some time ago about the Peak Oil issue and at the time he seemed to have some grasp of the issues. However he has been on the outer with some of the dominant factions in his own party due to his humane attitude to the refugee issue, plus his party is now in opposition and making heavy weather of it. Still at least he will know what's really going on and hopefully I'll be able to get it out of him!

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