Monday, April 27, 2009

Max Keiser on Revolution and the coming collapse of the US$

Check out this video featuring economics commentator Max Keiser. Here is the kind of opinion and voice which is de-legitimising the powers-that-be and giving the justifications for the civil unrest which is undoubtedly coming. It will be interesting to see how these ideas spread, to whom and when. Note the latter part where he is talking about the moves the Chinese are making to make the Yuan the international reserve currency to replace the US Dollar – this will give the Chinese the advantages of seigneurage (the net revenue derived from the issuing of currency, one of the reasons why governments guard this privilege so jealously and hate barter currencies so much) and one of the reasons why the USA has been so rich since the Second World War. He thinks the Chinese will make their move in eighteen months, which is interesting in light of my prediction of the collapse of international trade due to the collapse of the US dollar sometime soon…

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