Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday night's meeting

I need to try and summarise what happened at the meeting. It was too windy to have it in the garden, so we moved inside the Community House. Thank you to the Writing Group who happily moved into the kitchen to make way for us!

There were fifteen of us, some of whom had been at the first meeting in October. I wasn't sure what to expect and had been prepared to split us into two groups, one to deliver my background lecture to and one to continue into on into personal action using a planning document (the Vulnerability Assessment sheet available for download in the Links & resources column).

In the event the meeting ended up being about the meeting! It took a very long time to get around the room and for everyone to introduce themselves. And then the meeting went in search of a purpose for itself. I put in my two bobs worth, which was that I want to be primarily an information provider and not the convenor of a group which has some other purpose. I agreed to provide members of the group with my lecture notes which I have linked to on this site so anyone can access them. Then other people can go off and talk to other groups too, which is a necessary first step in this business. Feel free to alter the content to suit, but acknowledge the sources.

We agreed to have another meeting on the 12th of February, 7:00pm at Foster Community House where hopefully the group will be able to set some useful goals for itself. Thank you everyone for coming along and having the interest to try and do something concrete to deal with the big changes we are all going to have to face.

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