Sunday, November 23, 2008

Club Orlov post+next meeting

A new guest post over at Club Orlov is worth a look. Chris, an Australian living in the Philippines, talks about how Peak Oil might play out in poorer countries: in fact he believes they may have some advantages over advanced industrial nations.

He gets a little testy with me over a comment I've posted but it has provoked some interesting discussion!

Also our next meeting is Tuesday evening from 6:00 pm on at Manna Community Garden behind Foster Community House: bring your dinner if you're coming early. The weather looks as if it will be OK outside.

I'll be bringing along a few books for those who may be interested in further information. My idea is that if we have a lot of people who weren't at our first meeting I will run through the basic information with them while everyone else works on some analysis and planning: I'll have some material ready for you all to work with.

When I get time I'll post some reviews of the more interesting and pertinent books I've been reading lately too.

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