Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Small political crisis in Australia: not many thrilled (they shrilled)

I try to resist the temptation to comment on politics, either Australian or international. From now on they are going to be epiphenomena, a result of what's happening rather than a cause of it. The commentariat largely haven't caught up with this yet. They're still chattering like teenage schoolgirls about who's in and who's out. So Rudd has outflanked the Liberals. What about reality outflanking Rudd? But that would mean exposing the irrelevance and sheer meaninglessness of much that's going on, and reporters, like anyone, have a stake in maintaining the prestige of their profession. To admit the irrelevance would be recognising their own unimportance.

You can take any political shenanigans going on anywhere and it's the same game with different names. It's not even entertaining anymore, bar the drunken Japanese Trade Minister.

And how can anyone listen to investment advisors without a feeling of nausea? One piece of advice for those with stocks. Get Out Now. There is not going to be a return to Growth, Business-as-Usual, Industrial Civilisation's steady progress towards uplands lit by the reflected glow of flat-screen TVs with two hundred channels of reality TV, not in my lifetime or yours.

Now dear children, we need to play a new game. Make up the rules as you go! It could be fun. Just make sure the rules line up with reality and not with the hallucination which the top end of town are caught in, a hall of mirrors from which they and those traveling with them are unable to escape.

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