Friday, February 6, 2009

Agenda for Thursday's meeting

Hi everyone

At this coming meeting I'd like to concentrate specific issues, rather than give general background information as I did at the first meeting, or wait and see what people wanted to discuss as we did at the second. Barbara Hoare has emailed me with some particular concerns of her own, which I'll quote:

I have been finding that quite a few people are unable to access services in this area as they have no transport to get from town to town. It would be very useful in terms of public health (access to mental health & other medical services) as well as community cohesiveness & environmental savings to have a co-op of some sort which could coordinate car pooling, sharing of home-grown foods & sharing of skills. This is what's happening in the transition towns already but I wasn't sure how it was all funded & whether there are any problems with insurance eg for car pooling.

I will give you all some background on a Shire initiative, the South Gippsland Transport Connections project, with which I am involved at the moment as a member of the Advisory group and as a community representative with the Partnership Group which oversees it. It is attempting to address some of the issues which Barbara mentions.

Events are moving very quickly in the wider world, and I think the time is ripe to look at the specifics of the kinds of changes we will need to take into account in our personal, community and business life in the next five or so years, because we all need to make some plans to deal with what could be sudden disruptions to our accustomed routines. I will outline what seems to be the likely course of events at the macro level and then we can discuss how it may affect us individually.

If there is anything any of you wish to discuss related to the topics I've mentioned please email me so I can make some space for it on the agenda. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening.


Lloyd Morcom — Convenor
South Gippsland Futures project

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