Saturday, September 8, 2012

A cool view of our current economic situation

For a good current view of the Australian situation, check out this PDF. from Variant Perception (an independent global macroeconomic research service). This is investment advice, but don't be fooled by the title, "Australia: The Unlucky Country". Despite the short-term pain we're going to suffer, the longer view is still better than a lot of other places!


Mitch Davis said...

Hey Lloyd,

Yeah, Australia will be the least worst place to be, when trouble comes down the line. Our land to people ratio is such that even without the leverage of fossil fuels, we'll still probably be ok as far as food production goes. And our Home is Girt By Sea. Only place that might be better is New Zealand or Tasmania.

Lloyd Morcom said...

Hi Mitch — the other thing which I'm coming to terms with is that after considering all the facts, it's how you feel about the situation that matters most to us personally. And how I fell depends as much on the state of my digestion as anything else!

Mitch Davis said...

The turkey's life is one of bliss, right up until the week before Thanksgiving.