Saturday, March 21, 2009

"The Peakist" on ABC Radio National

The family just listened to themselves on Radio National's "360". We were all variously cringing in anticipation but even the most extreme introverts amongst us felt OK by the end. Nick Franklin did an outstanding job of recording and editing all my stammering and manic utterances into something coherent and it would be worth listening to just for the segments with Maria Jackson alone (long may she live!).

If you're a radio person it's repeated next Wednesday and of course the podcast is available anytime to listen to or download. Once again thank you Nick for dragging this tremulous creature out into the bright light of day!


ericofqld said...

just heard you on 360,good stuff,my ears always prick up when i hear peak oil mentioned,been reading TOD for 3 years and have been suitably shocked.i read "the party's over"and was more the same time i became aware of global warming and have been following that show as well.i read everything i can find in the library on both's the shock of the realization,one has to get it on board and then you lead a dual life,one foot in the future and the other in the unreal present.difficult subject to bring up in conservation as you feel like alerting others,however i now refrain from attempting it with family or for that matter,'s a very big subject,totally engrossing.congratulations on this great gippsland site,i'll be following it and enjoying as we lived in the dandenongs for 12 years and know victoria.everyone will cope and we'll make the necessary changes and adapt to the lower energy future and enjoy it's fruits.and may we all get on the same page soon...cheers

Larry Langman said...

Probably one of the best response to peak oil commentaries I have heard.

Have you had much response from ASPO?

Is Donald Coventry, ASPO Rural in touch with you?

If not they both should....just brilliant, my friend, brilliant.

Larry Langman said...

Now hold it LLoyd.....there I was heaping praise on you....till I went to the ABC site to see what books were recommended.....There have only been two books written on Peak Oil and Australia. The first was Brian Fleay's "the Decline of the Age of Oil" and my wife Adrienne's book "Choosing Eden"....and neither of them got a mention !!

Bobby said...

Oh get over it Larry...we're all on the same fuggin side ;)

Great show on the wireless Lloyd and tell that Maria I want to marry her....what a classic!!!

Also thought I'd mention Howard J Kunstlers blog. An American you've probably heard of and it's very good and very active.

Cheers Ross

Bobby said...

oops - I'm got Kunstler right there in your links...methinks it's time for my arvo nap.

David said...

I heard most of "The Peakist" on Radio National today. Great to hear that there are others that are taking this stuff seriously. I suggest that if you have not looked at "The Crash Course", please do. It is perfect all in one package to convince the ignorant.

Lloyd Morcom said...

Thanks David. I do have it listed in my links on the right but it can be a bit hard to spot — there's no harm in reminding people to check it out though.