Monday, January 12, 2009

"...that elusive American dream of having a country, rather than a country club..."

Ah, Dmitri Orlov! Even when he rambles he raises a laugh. Plus I love it when he lashes the economists (luckily I don't have any in my family: Christmas would be very difficult!)

"...and then there are the additional problems of poor advice and lack of authority. To build support for his plans, Mr. Obama must rely on the consensus advice of mainstream American economists. These astrologers to the wealthy, with their fancy astrolabes they call "models," may be popular during flush times, in spite of the feeble predictive abilities of their "science," but they start to seem down right foolish and feckless once the economy starts to implode. Still, these pseudo-scientists, with their pseudo-Nobel prizes and their tenured faculty positions, are quite entrenched, and will be difficult to dismiss, because the fiction they spin is so much more cheerful than the physical reality it is designed to obscure.

Add to this the fact that the financial and economic levers ofcontrol that are available to Mr.Obama are no longer connected to anything real..."

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