Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to the Main Game

Right! Coming down from the Olympian heights, we need to define clearly what is to be done. The steps in order are:

(a) Educate yourself as to what the real issues are. Do Chris Martenson's Crash Course. Look at the article on Peak Oil in Wikipedia, visit Matt Savinar's "Life After the Oil Crash", read Jim Kunstler's "Long Emergency" article (I have his book if anyone wants to borrow it: he's a great writer in the excoriating American tradition of J.K. Gailbraith or Gore Vidal). Read The Oil Drum. Read Richard Heinberg (I've got his books too).

(b) Think about your own life: your strengths and vulnerabilities in terms of what you've learned in (a).

(c) Plan mitigation strategies. Hey, here's a chance to remake your life! It's not all doom and gloom and some of it might even be fun.

(d) Ignore the nonsensical spoutings of our esteemed leaders. Remember that they are products of the system which is currently failing, and have difficulties imagining solutions outside of the world that they know. Their top priority is to try and keep business as usual operating no matter what the cost to us. Seek your own salvation!

Remember our meeting in the Community Garden behind Foster Community House on November 25th at 6:00 pm (bring something to eat).

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